Book of Dead Spielautomat kostenlos spielen by Florence Nightingale

As we all know now, Florence Nightingale can be called the founder of modern nursing. Her astonishing experiences as a trainer of nurses during the Crimean War brought her and her students close to a subject, which nobody likes to be reminded off. That life is not endless and sooner or later we will die. During the Crimean War Florence Nightingale was, unfortunately not able to save all of her patients and some of the wounded soldiers died. The ancient Egyptians believed that after death the deceased was brought on the other side of the river by Hades. That story is being told in the Book of Dead, while that book had not received much attention during the Crimean War, recently it became quite popular again. There are even casino games named after it and it is possible that one can Book of Dead Spielautomat kostenlos spielen.

Death has always been a rather delicate subject in western civilizations. In Western Europe for example, there is no equivalent to the Egyptian legend. What is written in the Bible regarding the subject of death is what dominated during the times when Florence Nightingale was alive. People believed in an afterlife and that life was eternal. But nobody would come up with the idea to create an online casino game like the Book of Dead Spielautomat kostenlos spielen after the Christian version of death. It does not only count for the Egyptian mythology by the way. Remember the northern mythology surrounding the Vikings? They believed that the brave warrior goes to Walhalla where he will be living forever around the gods like Odin. In Walhalla they would do what a true brave warrior does all day, hunting the boar and drink Met for all eternity. Those legends also returned today and people are so fascinated by them, that they made gambling games as well.

Now, why am I bringing that up, you might ask. It was actually my husband who spoke to me about that subject. It was one of those dinner conversations when he asked me about the beliefs of the people who died during Florence Nightingale’s times. Well, of course, the entire conversation was work-related as my husband is currently working on a project, that is very similar to the Book of Dead Spielautomat kostenlos spielen. As the soldiers were dying of their wounds, she did whatever she could to save as many as possible. I started looking into the subject of how death was handled by the nurses like Florence Nightingale.

It turns out, that most of those dead soldiers did not even receive anything like a proper funeral. Where the ancient Egyptians put a coin on each eye for the ferryman Hades when they buried their dead, in the Crimean War it was not like that at all. By the way, my husband told me that in some games like Book of Dead kostenlos spielen, you can replay that scene, strange, is it not?