“Gratis Casino Geld” won the Florence Nightingale Auction

Last week the most important event took place at the Florence Nightingale Museum in London, United Kingdom. This museum, named after Florence Nightingale, had announced the event a year before it even took place. This would be the first and official auction of many nursery products and materials that date back to the period that Florence Nightingale was active as the first nurse ever. All the materials, tools and even furniture from this period of time would be all auctions during this spectacular and historical event. Many investors, collectors and historical researchers showed up during the auction and the event in the museum. More than hundreds of people were participating on this exciting night and more than 150 items were sold within less than four hours.

Many items such as nursery materials were sold immediately, but there was just one item that really seemed to be the eyecatcher of the evening; the Florence Nightingale dress. This blue authentic dress was one of Florence’s favorite dresses. On special occasions, Florence Nightingale wore this dress to impress many people within the medical world, in order to move forward with her nursery activities. This dress was the ultimate auction item of the event and many visitors already talked about it before they could even see it. This spectacular dress was eventually sold by Gratis casino geld zonder storten for 110.000,- British pounds. This has made Gratis Casino geld zonder storten the real winner of the evening.

Gratis casino geld zonder storten claimed that they won’t keep the dress to themselves, but decided to donate it to the Florence Nightingale Museum. “This is where the dress should belong” Peter Bell, CEO Gratis casino geld zonder storten, stated to the British newspaper the Guardian. “The reason why we bought the dress is to connect our history with our world today, by displaying history in a public place” Bell continued. The dress is now displayed as the ultimate and eye catching art piece in the Florence Nightingale Museum. Bell seemed to be happy with the position of the dress and will often visit the museum to remind himself that innovation will always be a big part of our world. This is also why he has always admired Florence Nightingale. “Without her, we wouldn’t be here where we are today”.

The auction at the Florence Nightingale Museum was a big success and the event even made news in The Sun. Since there is a lot of interests in the history of Florence Nightingale, a lot of people are now wondering when the next event will take place. Owner of the museum and organizer of the auction Mr. Disk stated that there will be no upcoming events, for now. Mr. Disk did however claimed that he is interested in collaborations and history readings, based on Florence Nightingale related topics.
We would like to congratulate Gratis casino zonder storten on winning the auction, but we would like to thank them for donating the dress to the Museum. Now, everybody can take a look at the beautiful and personal piece of Florence Nightingale.